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"Columbia Univeristy senior Emma Sulkowicz plans on carrying an extra-long, twin-size to every class, every day until the man she says raped her moves off campus. Sulkowicz is one of three women who made complaints to Columbia against the same fellow senior, who was found "not responsible" in all three cases."

Beyond ‘No Means No’  by Jessica Valenti for The Guardian

This isn’t rape culture. This is some dumb broad who had regrettable drunk sex, ran to the campus officials and cops and is now butt hurt that the guy she accused isn’t expelled. So what does she do? She does what every dumb broad does when she doesn’t get her way, she throws a tantrum and causes a scene. This time though it’s passed off as “performance art” when it’s really organized harassment of the guy who was found innocent by the authorities. People like to complain about bullying of all sort, but no one ever calls out feminists and women for it. This woman is carrying on an organized campaign to fuck with this guy. So are the girls who print and post “rapist lists” (guys who are supposedly rapists but have never been convicted, charged or even investigated because no one has reported them). That shit is straight up libel and harassment of the highest fucking order. The fact people applaud her and join her just makes me weep for humanity.

Time for class everyone, let’s get a breakdown 101 of how rape apologists and victim blamers operate using this example:

-Start by using disgusting terminology to demonize and degrade the victim of assault by alluding to their specific type of suffering.

-Reporting a crime becomes “bitching.” Challenging a campus - already rife with criminal violations - through non violent, peaceful demonstration becomes “throwing a tantrum.” Violent rape and assault becomes “a regretted night.”

-Reiterate the violent myth that women want to be raped, and that facing public scrutiny and further harassment by being vocal about the incident is actually, again, abuse that this person seeks due to a desire for “more attention.”

-Ignore how law enforcement and organized systems, such as universities, often collude in a myriad of ways to dissuade victims from reporting in the first place.

-Refuse to mention subsequent victims stepping forward publicly to report that they have been assaulted by the same person.

-Pretend that reading the finer details of court proceedings and incident reports is superfluous and unnecessary wrt the content of bullet two.

-Subscribe to the very outlets that report on this issue so one can lie in wait like a snake to word vomit a hardly intelligible “argument,” that essentially gives the overall impression of ones relatable characteristics and plights of a serial rapist.

-Finish up with a lack of sourced material and an abundance of a bullshit opinion, based on the struggles of oppressed people struggling to protect one another, who will otherwise be referred to as whiners/liars/libelous criminals.

-Insert ones own cranium into ones own anus, like the truly edgy guy you are.




but isnt daphne kind of an awful girlfriend, who doesnt even know how old her boyfriend is?

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A series of photographs taken by ‘Bruce Davidson’ entitled ‘Brooklyn Gang’ He followed a group of teenaged who claimed the streets of Brooklyn NY as their turf.

“I found myself involved with a group of unpredictable youths who were mostly indifferent to me. In time, they allowed me to witness their fear, depression, and anger. I soon realized that I, too, was feeling some of their pain. In staying close to them, I uncovered my own feelings of failure, frustration, and rage.”

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Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman-Hughes, 1972 and 2014

Both by Dan Bagan

Wanna see my cry like a baby? Ask me who these women were.

Hughes’ father was beaten nearly to death by the KKK when she was a kid, and what does she do? Become an activist to try and stop that from happening to other people. She raised money to bail civil rights protesters out of jail. She helped women get out of abusive situations by providing shelter for them until they got on their feet. She founded an agency that helped women get to work without having to leave their children alone, because childcare in the 1970s? Not really a thing. In fact, a famous feminist line in the 70s was “every housewife is one man away from welfare.”

Then she teamed up with Steinman to found the Women’s Action Alliance, which created the first battered women’s shelters in history. They attacked women’s rights issues through boots on the ground activism, problem solving, and communication. They stomped over barriers of race and class to meet women where they were: mostly mothers who wanted better for themselves and their children.

These are women are who I always wanted to be.



This is a new song called “Orange Juice” — I’m writing a song-a-day for the whole month of October with David Combs (Spoonboy), Gabby (eskimeaux), Elaiza (100%/Crying) and Jake (Sitcom) among others but we decided to do it on a private page. Instead of boring you with every song I write during this period, I’m just gonna post the ones I really like. Lemme know what you think.



will you come over and watch me eat milk and cereal?



love song for my best friend, henry ( smallwonder.bandcamp.com ) 


i was born in a chinatown slum 
with a vision that i followed and a story to become 
and as i grew i felt i ran out of ink 
i felt the parchment rice paper start to shrink and shrink 

and i met a boy a little taller than me 
and when i asked him about these questions 
he said he saw plenty 
reflected in his eyes 
just as he said 
was the daydream colored sunset 
that i never had 

but that sunset 
never left your mindset 
even through 
all your coldest regrets 
oh why do you try 

because he taught me 
more than any school could 
always said if you can than you should 
oh why do you try 

and as my height came closer to his 
as my hands started rubbing my crusted eyelids 
all of a sudden all the pixels grew 
all arithmetic i thought i knew 

but it seems the more that life pushed us together 
the more we felt finger trapped and tethered 
like a million days shot through the sky 
couldn’t pull the night down from way up high 

but this song is getting sentimental 
turning loved ones ornamental 
oh why do you try 

because he taught me 
more than any school could 
always said if you can than you should 
oh why do you try 

all the smoking breaks 
empty pizza plates 
long walks long talks 
when we stayed up late 
all the times on the phone 
leading to train rides home 
all the fussin and the cussin 
when we felt alone and said 

you would always tell me 
that i love you baby 
separate we’re changin’ 
but together we’re amazin’ 
now as re-incarnate 
we ain’t even talkin’ 
you just keep me starin’ 
and i just keep walkin’ 

it’s too late for me 
(to come to terms with all i ever wanted 
lesson learned but i just forgot) 

i’m scared i’m starting to feel normal 
i’m scared i’m starting to feel older 
i’m scared i don’t know what to do 
sit in here till people think i’m cool 
and i’ve found that time gets longer 
as our eyes get as wide as our shoulders 
and that’s why 
that i try


I am the girl my parents made why don’t you love me anyway because I love the way you take up space.